Bar do Guincho


Embraced by nature…

Restaurant and bar with a beautiful esplanade over Guincho beach, built in wood and stone, a rustic aspect that provides a welcoming and relaxed environment. Although located on the beach there is no reason not to visit during winter.

With a lively fireplace, a stunning view of the Atlantic and Sintra mountainscape along with the invigorating scent of the ocean breeze will make the visit worthwhile.


Events & special occasions menu

Dinners with friends, events with drinks & snacks, business lunches or other special occasions & events. Bar do Guincho can provide everything for you.

Located in the Cascais area within Sintra Natural Park Bar do Guincho was founded in 1987. Bar do Guincho offers bar/beach bar/restaurant/open air terrace/quality food and beverages.

The beach is surveyed by lifeguards, we also offer rental of wind protectors and beach recliners. Rubbish is collected daily from the beach.

Bar do Guincho also has a sailing center and shop. We offer surf classes and equipment rental. Windsurf/kite/SUP. At the shop we sell beach wear/fashion accessories/sun protection and more. The sailing centre also offers hot showers and toilet facilities. We also provide lockers where clients can store equipment long-term and short-term.


Preserved by Bar do Guincho since 1987

Beach Bar provides a wide range of services at Guincho beach such as a support Bar with an esplanade over the sand, beach vigilance by a team of life guards, awnings and windbreaker rentals, daily cleaning and garbage collection.

The beach bar is open from June to September, providing support services to the beach and its users, such as a snack bar with esplanade, first aid center and a life guard tower. Upon reservation, you can enjoy this space dining with friends while watching the magnificent sunset…


Considered the best location of the Portuguese coast, and one of the best in the world for windsurfing, Guincho Beach hosts every year several national and international windsurfing competitions, for which Bar do Guincho contributes with its support.

At Guincho the wind starts blowing from March and continues until October; July and August are the months with better conditions. The wind direction is predominantly from the North-West with a side/side-onshore angle and rarely blows if the weather is cloudy. Due to the thermal conditions the wind usually starts to be felt after lunchtime (at around 18 knots, 35 km/h, 10 m/s) and becomes stronger towards the end of the afternoon (reaching 33 knots, 65 km/h, 18 m/s).

The Bar do Guincho Sailing Center installations are situated 50m from Bar do Guincho, and offers equipment rental along with surf, windsurf and kite-surf lessons. Lockers are available for guests to store their equipment.


Capacity for 500 parking spaces

The parking area has a capacity for 500 parking spaces and not only serves Bar customers but also the general public. This car park has a fantastic beach view, with plenty of natural light. Overlooking the sea, Bar do Guincho is located next to the beach, at the North entrance of Guincho beach, 35Kms from Lisbon.

With a privileged location, this bar is open all year round.




Oyster unit.    3.5
Clam “à bulhão pato”    20
Mussels “à Guincho”    20
Fried Shrimps  Frito with olive and Garlic    20
Cooked Prawn    12
Shrimp Kebab    12


Fish Ceviche    16
Octopus salad from our coast     16
Rustic Fried Potato    6
Fried Mockerel    11
Steak  Sandwich   17
Tuna Steak Sandwich    17
Portuguese Cheese assorted   16
Ibérian Ham cold cut    17
Padron Peppers    10


Chickpea and Quinoa Burger    15
Bean and Beet Burger    15
Quinoa Salad
and Grilled Vegetables   16


Smoked Ham and Goat Cheese    16
Ocean    16
Cottage Cheese and Honey   16


Guincho Burger    16.5
Chiken Burger    15
Salmon  Burger   16.5


Chateaubriand  Steak   42
Tenderloin Beef Steak    27
Beef Steak    24


Giant Squid from Azores sea    38
Octopus ” à Lagareiro ”    22
Salmon Fillet    20
Sea Bream    18
Tuna Steak    24
Sea Bass    18


Turkey Steak w/ Penne Pasta    10
Burger w/ Fries    11.5


Chiken    7.5
Roast Beef    11


Caprese    14
Country   14

Cheesecake    5.9
Apple Crumble    5.9
Brownie    5.9
Papaya | Blueberry    7